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Somerset Poll Dorset Stud was established in 2011 and is nestled within the picturesque Strathbogie Ranges of Victoria.

Somerset prides itself on naturally bred and raised Poll Dorset rams and ewes produced from leading genetics. All stock are raised and nurtured in a tranquil and healthy environment with an abundance of natural feed all year round. A strict health regime is maintained at the Stud, including OJD vaccination, drenching, routine 6 in 1 vaccination, vitamin B12 supplementation and certification as Ovine Brucellosis Free. The Stud is also a member of the Australia Poll Dorset Association Inc. Somerset now has a flock of over 100 stud breeding ewes.

Our quality rams are suitable for buyers to join to ewes, to produce healthy and fast growing lambs for the Trade or Export Market, or alternatively for domestic use. We also have at times, a limited number of Poll Dorset ewes for sale.

Poll Dorsets with their gentle nature are also an excellent breed for any hobby farmer.

Enquiries or inspections are welcome!

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